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Standing Desk FAQs

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about standing desks, sit stand desks, standing desk converters, and how to best use your AnthroDesk standing desk products:

Q: How fast do the standing desks move up and down?

 A: For the electric desk, approximately 2cm / 1" a second up OR down. Moving from the lowest to the highest position is approximately 25 seconds. Want to see one in action? Click here to see a video from one of our satisfied clients.  For the manual crank desk, approximately ten cranks around for 1" up OR down. Moving from the lowest to the highest position with the manual desk takes approximately 1 minute. Here is a video to show you the underside of the crank desk in action.


Q: What type of shoes should I wear with a standing desk?

 A: We have seen people wear all types of shoes, however ideally you should wear shoes that have little or no heel and are naturally comfortable with little pressure on any part of the foot. If you are not used to standing for prolonged periods, we also recommend an anti-fatigue mat such as this one, which can be used with or without shoes (which may be the best option of all!)


Q: What shipping company do you use?

 A: Any of the large shipping companies may be used (e.g Purolator, FedEx, Canada Post). We have an automated system that finds the lowest price shipping based on warehouse proximity, size, and weight of delivery. Just part of the savings that we pass on to you! And remember, shipping is free on orders over $300.


Q: Are the desks difficult to assemble?

 A: No! Most people assemble the desks in under an hour (and handyman types can typically assemble the frame in less than 30 minutes).  The best time we've heard for assembling the Electric Standing Desk was 20 minutes - let us know if you did it in less time!


Q: Can I buy a desk frame without the table top?

 A: Of course! Many of our clients buy the frame only and use their own table top (one that they already have, or one they buy to customize the desk with). See an example of a desk frame without a table top here.


Q: How do I install the table top / desktop?

A: After you position the top on the standing desk frame (our default recommendation is to center it on the frame), use the wood screws included to attach the desk top on all four corners.  Some adjustable desk frames will also have brackets on the the central crossbar that can be used for additional support.  See the picture below showing the underneath view of our manual crank desk  frame with one of the corner screws circled in red.

wood screw underneath the manual crank desk frame


 Q: Is the electric desk loud?

 A: Not very loud. Our desk is quieter than any of the single motor designs. The dual motors of our sit stand desk are located in each leg column, which provides some baffling against noise. Also, since there are two motors, they don't have to work as hard (or as loudly) to move the desk up or down. Want to hear one in action? Click here to see a video from one of our satisfied clients.


Q: I want to get a standing desk at the office. How can I convince my boss to let me get a standing desk?

A: Petra from Movement Revolution ( suggests getting a doctor's note to win them over.  And remember that there is strength in numbers. The more people you can bring in, the stronger your case will be. 

Q: Do you have a video of how the laptop stand works / adjusts?
A: One of our satisfied customers posted this video showing how the AnthroDesk Laptop Stand can be adjusted and used in various positions.

Q: What height should I use for my standing desk?
A: This is a decision of personal preference and body type, however as a VERY general guide, see the following body heights and corresponding maximum desk heights below (and remember if you buy a frame without a table top, the desk table top will add to the height).
6'3" - 46"
6'2" - 45.5"
6'1" - 45"
6'0" - 44"
5'11" - 43.5"
5'10" - 43"
5'9" - 42"
5'8" - 41.5"
5'7" - 41"
5'6" - 40.5"
5'5" - 40"
5'4" - 39"
5'3" - 38.5"
5'2" - 38"
Q: Who can I call for support?

A: You can call us at 1-800-267-1783 for any additional questions you have

Q: My desk seems to wobble a bit. What can I do?
A: There are a few reasons why your desk may wobble a little more than expected. Some slight movement is normal, but nothing that would be distracting or cause concern for monitors or anything else on your desk. Reasons why your desk may be wobbling:
-Frame bolts are not sufficiently tightened
-Desk frame is over-extended (raised above maximum height)
-Floor is not level (and level adjusters are not appropriately set
-Floor is unstable or not sufficiently firm (e.g. plush carpet)


Q: The controller of my electric sit stand desk shows an error code and is not responding?  (sometimes occurs after moving a power outage)
A: Your desk needs a 'reset'
--Reset Instructions-- 
-Unplug the power cord and hold the down key for 20 seconds. 
-Plug the power cord back in. 
-Press the down button for an additional 20 seconds. The desk will slightly rise and stop moving to signal the end of the reset. Release the down button. 
-The keypad will then display the current height, and you should be able to operate it now. 
-You may need to do this if the desktop is ever unplugged or loses power abruptly.

Q: How do I install the CPU Holder
A: Here are a couple PRO tips:
-Use all 6 screws to attach the cpu holder to the table top (if you have any problems with screws, let us know)  
-Try to use a long bit with your drill/driver and ensure you drive the screws in all the way so your cpu holder is mounted flush with table top (top mount should not move/wobble once attached) 
-Position the CPU holder where you want the center of the cpu case to be. Likewise, when mounting your unit, balance it as much as possible 
-Push the side spring clip in as much as possible to securely and firmly hold the CPU in place 
-Give it the push test! CPU should not wobble/wiggle much when attempting to move it with your hand. Push in side clip another notch if necessary
-Give it the desk test! Once CPU is secure, do a couple test runs raising and lowering the desk to ensure there is no movement and NO cables are in the way/tangled